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A fun gaming event bringing Artists, Cosplayers and Gamers together!

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Lucky Hit - GGWP's kickass bunny mascot

GGWP 2023

Location: Wellington National Library - 70 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011
Date: 25 February 2023

  • A way to unite and bring anyone who has a passion for games, and celebrate the artists and and creators within our community.
  • A Celebration of Games and Gaming Culture, from Table top Games to Video Games and everything in between and around!

Things to look forward to: Cosplay Competition, Artist Alley, Panels, Video Game Tournaments, Prop Competition, Performances, DND One shots, Photowall with Photographers .. and more!

Cosplay Competition
Prop Competition
Artist Alley
Video Game Tournaments
Photo Wall & Photographers


A special thank you to the following wonderful sponsors! Without these people GGWP wouldn't be the amazing force it is today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, what happens to my artist table?

An email will be sent out to everyone who bought tables with details on the rescheduled or cancelled event. Refunds will be offered to those who request them minus any transaction fees that occur, otherwise tables will be kept for a rescheduled event.

Cosplay Rules

Just like last year there will be two categories:

  • Made
  • Bought

And there we be 3 winners in each
The main rule for this Competition is the Character MUST be from a Game, whether this be Video Game, Board Games, Mobile Game, DND, Tabletop etc!! As long as its a game it counts!!


  • For the made category you must have made 75% of your Cosplay yourself to enter.
  • For signup or competition closure please see form for more details.
  • You may enter a cosplay that has previously been entered in another competition.
  • One entry per person and the competition is capped at 30 entries.
  • No groups, skits or music to be used along side your cosplay.
  • You will need to supply the following information on the entry form: character name, title of game and a description of the cosplay, including the aspects that have been made and bought.
  • Fan art is accepted only if it is a fan interpretation (alternative costume) that you have decided to cosplay and you can provide a fan art reference image as well as an official art reference image.
  • Additional images, showing the construction of the cosplay (for entries in the ‘Made’ category) are not essential but are encouraged.
  • During the judging process you will have a small interview (around 5 minutes) with our judges who will ask you some questions about your cosplay or build , you will not require any diaries or construction proof however (especially for the made category) you may be questioned on the design or creation of certain aspects and elements of your cosplay.
  • If you need a support person you are most welcome to bring someone with you to the judging - it will be in a small room off the stage away from the main area , if you have any issues with this or any part of the process please contact or Charlotte directly.

The following safety guidelines apply:

  • No real weapons (including paintball and airsoft firearms).
  • Cosplays, including weapons and other props, are to be made out of materials that will not cause any harm e.g. fabric, plastic, cardboard, paper mâché, balsa or EVA foam.
  • No smoking devices of any kind.
  • Props must be no more than 2 metres long.
  • Consider your ability to move around and go through doorways with oversized cosplays / weapons / other props. -Please include details on the entry form if the cosplay has oversized elements or if you need assistance in any way.
  • Choose body make-up / paint carefully, keeping in mind Health and Safety as well as the clothing of others attending the convention.
  • If there is anything in particular that you would like to be read out as part of your announcement to the stage area, please include it as part of the entry process.

Costume & prop restrictions

To avoid false alarms with the general public & waste of police resources, GGWP has the following policies:

  • Imitation firearms MUST have an orange cap, be non-firing (including Nerf bullets) and MUST be transported to and from the venue in a bag/box/some form of covering. Any props that do not meet this rule will be confiscated at the door and surrendered to the local police station for collection at a later date. We make no guarantees for the safety of confiscated props.
  • This rule refers to any prop gun that your hard-of-sight family member might mistake as maybe being a ‘real’ gun – a Nuka Cola pistol is fine, a Call of Duty shotgun is not.
  • We know Military uniforms are quite popular in video games but due to our location and standings we ask that any form of militia cosplay is to be changed into and out of IN the venue.
    Bathrooms are available for changing at the venue. You will not be permitted in or out of the venue in a costume that falls under this description.
  • If you’re uncertain and would like to ask about a particular costume, please email


The Faces behind GGWP!

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Charlotte Gamble-Stott

GGWP Co-Ordinator
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Jackson Bradley

GGWP Co-Ordinator
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Krystal Gamble

Artist Alley Liason
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Fay Morris

Web Dev
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Lucky Hit

GGWP Mascot and Marketable Plushie International Butt kicker
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Overall Supervisor and Lettuce Specialist